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Women’s Eyewear Over The Past Century

BuzzFeed just covered the past 90 years of men's eyewear and fashion. In this new video, they review the most popular trends in


Men’s Eyewear Over The Past Century

It wasn't that long ago that only the rich and powerful were able to afford glasses. Thankfully today, glasses are


Baby Girl Seeing Clearly With Glasses For First Time Will Make You Smile

Jessica Sinclair's precious little baby girl wasn't responding as she and her husband expected, so they took her to the


Legend of Zelda Theme Song on Wine Glasses

The theme song for The Legend of Zelda maybe one of the most famous musical pieces in video game history


Game Of Thrones Theme Song On Wine Glasses

Finally! The new fourth season of Game of Thrones is here! To celebrate the new season, musician Dan Newbie brought out his


How To See Without Wearing Glasses

Have you ever found yourself without your seeing eye-glasses? It's a nightmare. Minute Physics explains an easy trick to see without