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Hahn Beer Creates Perfectly Stable Robotic Beer Holding Arm

After receiving countless letters from fans with the same message--"Dear Hahn, I am often jostled in busy bars, spilling my beer everywhere. Can


Epic Glenn Beck Montage

Glenn Beck's famous run for the hills Fox News program has come to an end. It's reported that he will


Glenn Beck On GLEE

Conspiracy theorist, Glenn Beck, has a lot of crazy ideas and, well, conspiracies. His latest issue is with GLEE. It


Glenn Beck Wearing Wizard Robe, Holding Staff, Talking Like Yoda

nIt's hard to take this guy seriously when he claims to be a serious newsman, while also wearing wizard robes, holding


Jack Black Spoofs Glenn Beck Spreading Mis-Information

Jack Black plays the character Nathan Spewman who is honest about his campaign of spreading mis-information and feeding corporations. 'Obama


Glenn Beck Mickey Mouse – Glenn Beck Responds To Donald Duck Disney Mashup Remix

The video of Glenn Beck scaring Donald Duck went viral, and now Glenn Beck has seen the video. And he's


Glenn Beck Mocks Fire Victims Who Didn’t Pay $75 Fire Fee

Glenn Beck is an evil, evil man. His side kick is such a douche. I hate them both. If you're


Howard Stern Calls Glenn Beck A ‘Drunken Zoo Keeper Douche’

Howard Stern doesn't fall for all of Glenn's shenanigans. He calls an orange an orange. Glenn was a doofus, drunk, FM