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Goats Join Man for a Run

A Hurd of Goats Follow a Runner We have a somewhat random and also very funny video today. This video


Dwarf Goat Uses Cow as Personal Playground

Dwarf Goat Plays On Top of Cow Check this video out of a small cute goat using a big Scottish


Ozzy Man Reviews: Goat On A Power Line

As if a goat hanging on a power line isn't weird enough, Ozzy Man makes it even weirder. And funnier.


Kids React To Queen

Now you know why it's one of the greatest songs of all time. [embed][/embed]


Baby Goat Loves Ball

That moment when a ball is your best friend... [embed][/embed]


Kiiiiiiiids! Breakfaaaaaaaaast!

Breakfast is bloody important and these baby goats know it. They can't wait to start of a nice day of


This Cyclops Goat Is Freaky As Hell

Goats are usually very cute, but this one is kind of... special. Not exactly cute, as far as I'm concerned.

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Feels good man – Goat


Goat Becomes Friends With Tiger At Zoo

Many big cats held at the zoo are fed live animals to keep their spirits and instincts up. But ODN reports that one


Goat Dressed Up As Princess Elsa

It's understandable that the Internet has an infatuation with cats. They are one of the world's most popular pets, and are


GOAT Music Video Is The Greatest Of All Time

The Internet has a lot of very strange obsessions. Cats, Taylor Swift, and My Little Pony are just a few


British Man Adopts Adorable Pygmy Goat

Most people go to the pound to adopt a cat or dog. But Tom has adopted a much more unique,