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Goat Tries To Climb On Blow Up Chair

It seems cats are soo 2008. Now, the Internet has a strange obsession with goats. In this humorous pet video


Flood Of Baby Goats Is Adorable

The Sunflower Farm recently went viral after posting an adorable video of a herd of baby goats running. Viewers simply


Herd Of Baby Goats Running Is The Cutest

Besides for cats, the Internet has a strange affection for goats. And the only thing better than a goat is


Adorable Baby Goat Isn’t Wimpy At All

This precious baby goat first lets out a wimpy bleat. But after being motivated by the cameraman Made By Sam,


Touching Friendship Between Goat And Donkey Will Make You Misty Eyed

Animals can't create caring friendships between each other, right? Wrong! As this new touching viral video by animal welfare group Animal


Goat Licking Dog Is The Most Ridiculous Things You’ll See Today

Nevada Mountains posted this video, and this video alone, in 2011. Only now has the short clip gone viral. The video


Game Of Thrones Goat Version

What's up with the Internet's strange obsession with goats? Perhaps it will always be a mystery. Marca Blanca has instantly gone


Goat Simulator Trailer Is The Strangest Thing You’ll See Online Today

The Internet has a very strange obsession with goats. Remember the goats screaming meme? Well that's got nothing on this


Goats Playing On A Metal Ribbon

This short video posted by Max Murs has gone viral with over 1.1 million views in just one day! The clip showcases


Goat Eats Dinner Like Person With Hands

The Internet loves videos of dogs eating food as a human. So why not goats too?  As the web is


Goats Terrorizes Streets Of Brazil

For some reason, goats seems to always trend online in the most ridiculous viral videos, such as the last trend


People Yelling Like Goats Yelling Like People Spoof

Leave it to the Internet to always take a meme one step deeper. Recently, a goat screaming trend has surfaced