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Party In The USA Screaming Goat Parody

The goats have taken over the Internet! First, the goats stampeded across the web with RSVLTS's viralviral goat screaming compilation which


I Knew You Were Trouble Spliced With Screaming Goat

Remember the screaming goat compilation video that went viralviral last week? Goosik ingeniously noticed the similarities between one of the goat's


Goats Yelling Like Humans Super Cut Compilation

The web's latest ridiculous supercut comes from RSVLTS. Goats yelling like humans has been a long standing silly viral video genre to


Pig Rescues Baby Goat Stuck In Petting Zoo Pond

When visiting the petting zoo, the last thing you expect to witness is a daring water rescue. But that's exactly


Dwarf Goat Jumps Around Knocking Over Another

Five Week Old Buttermilk Sky is an adorable Nigerian dwarf that has lots of energy. The little bugger loves to jump


One Year Old Hugs All The Goats

Adorably precious fourteen month old Sage just loves dogs, but doesn't have a firm grasp on the species. When mom,


Baby Goats Give Back Massage To Farmer

Being a farmer is hard work, but the perks are totally worth it. Besides for always having fresh milk and meat, you


Baby Goat Learns To Jump By Copying Girl

Goats are natural jumpers, but where do they actually learn the trick? Maybe it's in their DNA, or the mom


Oprah Introducing Guests Crossed With Loud Goat Video

Besides for being one of the world's richest women, and giving out amazing gifts, Oprah is probably most famous for


George Watsky Raps Fast With A Goat

George Watsky, who is best known as the Internet's fastest pale rapper, comes out with his latest song. What makes


Baby Pygmy Goats Running Around

A bunch of super cute baby pygmy goats run around and play. The dog keeps watch over the situation.


Dog And Little Goat

The goat is an eleven day old Nigerian dwarf. So it's a dwarf and a baby. That's one tiny, and