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Deep Sea Nuke

Our favorite optimistic nihilist, Kurzgesagt considers the unpleasant question of what would happen if a nuclear bomb was detonated at the bottom of…

Little Girl Godzilla Adorably Destroys Toy Tokyo

Every parent of course loves their children, but when the little ones throw a terrible temper tantrum they can really…

You Should Be Very Scared That Some People Believe Godzilla Is Real

Godzilla is terrifying. In the movies of course. But let's be clear: he's not real! Sadly, Jimmy Kimmel was able to find…

Could Godzilla Actually Exist

Godzilla is back in theaters. Again. Surprisingly, it has turned out to already be a box office success, scoring over…

Godzilla The Musical

Hollywood is churning out yet another Godzilla movie. How many times can they re-release the monster story? Apparently, as many times…

If Godzilla Could Talk

Godzilla is considered a terrifying, evil monster by all nations. But what if the giant lizard could talk? We might…

Godzilla Trailer

Yes, Hollywood is again remaking Godzilla. But it seems the Web isn't tired of the classic story. This official Godzilla trailer…

Godzilla 2014 Trailer

How many Godzilla movies has Hollywood churned out over the decades? Aren't moviegoers sick of this tired story?  Apparently not.…

Snow Dragon Breathes Fire

Isn't this some sort of paradox? How can Godzilla made of snow breathe fire? Unless... there is witchery among us!



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