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Could You Get A 78mm Gold Bar Through A 85mm Hole?

In Japan you can try to get a gold bar out of a glass case. But you only have a


Face Maske Made Of Real 24 Karat Gold

In Germany we have some restaurants where you can buy Currywurst with some very thin gold plates on it, that


Crushing $40,000 Gold Bar With Big Hydraulic Press

If you are sensitive about luxury items like iPhones being crushed by a hydraulic press - this one is not


Treasure Hunter Finds $1 Million Worth Of Gold Coins Off Florida Coast

Most amateur and even professional treasure hunters today don't really expect to find anything of serious value. May be some


Chemist Goes To The Gold Bullion Vault Of England

Professor Martyn Poliakoff and science channel Periodic Videos were lucky enough to see the insides of the a gold bullion vault at the Bank


Opening A Beer With A Golf Club

This video from the end of 2009 just went viral now, and is shared on StuffIStole, VideoSift, and UniqueDaily. In


Man Makes $300 A Day Finding Gold And Diamonds On The Streets Of New York City

Raffi Stepanian makes his living like no one else. He literally pans for gold on the streets of New York


Man Finds Gold, Diamonds On The Streets Of New York

Raffi Stepanian is a modern urban gold digger. He gets on his hands and knees and scoops up New York


New Russian Man & Mini Giraffe On Treadmill Commercial By Direct TV

The original Direct TV commercial called Opulence I Has It was a viral hit. People just love the mini giraffe. Well,