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Golden Retriever Thinks Vet’s Office Is A Playground

This beautiful Golden Retriever shows us that health comes first. You've never seen a dog so happy to go to


Puppy Tries To Drink Falling Rain

Everything is new an exciting when you are a baby, and it doesn't matter if you're a human or dog


Dog Is Adorably Overwhelmed By 800 Tennis Balls Birthday Gift

Most dogs freak out over one tennis ball. So when golden retriever and future therapy dog Joey Jax turned two


Golden Retriever Really Loves Watching Australian Open Tennis Match

Countless sports fans tuned in to watch world famous tennis pros compete in this year's Australian Open tennis tournament. But


Dog Is Adorably Confused By Squeaky Toy

Most dogs can't get enough of squeaky toys. They'll often squeak them over and over until their owners regret ever


Spaghetti Eating Contest Between Golden Retriever And German Shepherd Is Hilarious

Besides for Lady And The Tramp, dogs don't really eat spaghetti. Well, except for Bragd Birger's dogs. His Golden Retriever and his German


Puppy Comforts Older Dog During Nightmare

Ariel Goodman posted this video in March, but it has only gone viral now with over one million new views!! Ariel explains


This Dog Is Really Excited To Watch Tennis On TV

Tennis isn't considered the most exciting sport, but George the Golden Retriever is a passionate fan nonetheless. In this precious


Slow Dog Fails At Catching Cheerios

This video by nanhayden is over a year old, but has resurfaced over the weekend and is going viral again. The clip,


Dog Retrieves Towel Before Jumping In The Pool

Three months ago, Chase the Labrador Retriever went viral for adorably helping his much smaller French Bulldog friend fetch a


Stoned Golden Retriever Is Too High To Fetch

Last month, YouTuber Cozmcchuck took his pup into the vet for a check up which required some general anesthesia. It was no


Golden Retriever Puppies Play In The Snow

Every now and then, a video will go viral for no particular reason except for being simply adorable. That is