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Dude Perfect’s Extreme Weather Golf Battle

Take a virtual golf court, some crazy tricksters and a lot of bad weather and et voila - 2.6 million


People Are Awesome: Golf Edition

Some crazy footage put together by People are Awesome. The best of golfing 2016. And yeah, that sounds kind of


Steam Roller vs Golf Balls

A little "older" (in interwebz-time) but such a gem that I have to post it anyway. An 8 ton steamroller

Heckling Fan Got To Play With The Golf Pros

Okay, this should be one of his greatest moments ever. And sometimes rude heckling seems to work out! "When this


Ernie Els ‘Dunks’ Golf Shot At Tournament

Golf is not known as a very exciting sport. But that's the point. It's supposed to be a relaxing way to take


Giant Gator Walks Across Florida Golf Course

Still not sure that dinosaurs existed? Look no further than alligators and crocodiles. Golfers are used to natural obstacles at


Epic Golf Trick Shots

Some sports are just more exciting than others. Football, hockey, and even basketball can get your adrenaline racing just by watching


Tiger Woods Watches As Kid’s First Shot At New Course Is Hole-in-One

Talk about a grand opening! Golf superstar Tiger Woods recently opened Bluejack National, a new luxury golf course. But he could


Robot Scores Hole In One

Scoring a true hole in one is one of the most difficult achievements in sports. But for a robot? Not


Kangaroo Chases Golfers

Kangaroos may seem cute and cuddly with their pouches and all, but that's only because most of us only see


President Obama Crashes California Wedding At Golf Course

It's always super exciting to have a celebrity guest make a cameo at wedding, but one lucky couple had one


Plastic Golf Club Battle

What kid didn't grow up playing with a set of plastic golf clubs? How else can you practice miniature golf at