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Google Self Driving Car Test Drive

Most likely, Google is a part of your life everyday. Well, they aren't done taking over the world. Last year,


Raging At People Who Don’t Know How To Use Google

Some people still don't know how to use the Internet. The rage just builds up inside. Why are you typing


Google Goggle Solves Sudoku

With your smart phone camera, you can execute the new Google Goggles. It literally reads with the camera and can


Girls Orders Indian Food With Google Translate

Using the new Google Translate feature, Google girls enter their order of food into Google Translate and use the new


Google Is Gay – It Gets Better

Google is a modern company paving the way of the future. They accept LGBT with open arms, and made a


Steve Jobs’ Google Rant

Steve jobs is not happy with the new Google Android and Google TV products. Why? Because they are iPhone and


Sony Google TV Unboxing

The new Sony Google TV comes with a Blue Ray Player, and a remote control/keyboard hybrid. It's reminiscent to Web


Google TV Apps – Watch Streaming TV When You Want

Finally, this is what everyone born after 1980 thought TV should be. TV streaming, what you want, when you want


Google Instant With Bob Dylan

Web searching will never be the same. Commercial for Google's new instant search function with music by Bob Dylan.


Google Instant Search Explained

Just in case you don't understand the new Google Instant search, here's the explanation.


Google Instant Search Song Of Elements

In honor of the new Google Instant search, here's a song of all the Elements using Google.