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Google Maps Announces Pokémon Challenge For April Fools

The world's most popular mapping service, Google Maps, has announced a first of its kind challenge. The Pokémon Challenge. Applicants must


If Google Was A Person Part 2

*Language* Remember College Humor's  hilarious sketch depicting what it would be like if Google was a guy? After such a viral


Google+ Look Back Film Parody

Remember those Facebook Look Back films that were trending a month ago? Though the fad has passed, this hilarious spoof


Google Reveals Project Tango

Google has only started taking over the world.  After taking on ambitious projects such as Google Fiber and Glass, the


‘Let It Go’ According To Google Translate

Google has countless products that are famous for their accuracy, but Google Translate is sadly not one of them. Malinda


Asking Google Now How Many Countries There Are In The World

Google Now's search by voice is a convenience that rivals Siri, but even Google can't be perfect.  When SpiderDice asked Google how


YouTube Secrets You Need To See

BuzzFeed Video recently went viral with their enlightening video of Google Secret Easter Eggs, amassing over 2.8 million views.  But YouTube is


Build Lego Buildings In Google Maps With Google’s ‘Build With Chrome’

World famous toy brick company LEGO teamed with Internet browser Google Chrome to introduce Build With Chrome. Now users can build virtual Lego buildings and


Firefighter Uses Google Glass For Faster, Safer Rescues

Google Glass seemed a bit gimmicky at first, but the power and potential of Glass is only being realized. For example,


If Google Was A Person

NSFW Language  We all ask Google to enlighten us with our questions about the world. But those queries sure sound


Google Secret Easter Eggs You Need To See

Google is well known for their fun and secret Easter eggs. For example, if you type in 'Do a barrel


Eric Schmidt’s 2014 Predictions

This short Bloomberg interview with Google Chairman Eric Schmidt is unsurprisingly going viral. Even people uninterested in business and finance knows who