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Biggest Mass of Baby Geese Geeslings Ever

We've seen our share of baby geese, but we just can't get enough. They are so adorable! [embed][/embed]

Kind Canadian Leads Lost Goose To Lake

Andre Bachman¬†was driving down a dirt road when he stumbled upon a Canadian Goose who didn't seem to be in…

Geese Marching Band Is Adorable

It's not everyday you see a marching band. Especially a marching band consisting of geese. But that's exactly what tourists…

Old Man Is Transformed After Befriending Goose

Back in 2011, the CBS Evening News¬†reported the touching story about an elderly man who is best friends with a…

Great Dane Meets Baby Goose

Kerry Pitter's great dane Hugo is definitely great in size, but don't let that fool you. The fourteen month old…

Gorilla VS Goose Stand Off At Sedgwick County Zoo

If a child was asked, 'which would win in a fight, a gorilla or goose,' they would obviously answer the…

Man Fights Goose With Lightsabers

Adding lightsabers to already famous viral videos is always a fun Internet pass time. The latest video to get the…

Man Battles Wild Goose

Geese in the park usually just want a piece of bread, but these onlookers must know something about this particular…

Slow Motion Goose Attack

This video from 2010 recently resurfaced, and is being shared on TheHighDefinite and StuffIStole. Geese are usually timid creatures that…

Goose and Old Man Friends In Park

Dominic is an older man who, like thousands of people, enjoys a walk in the park. But he doesn't have…



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