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Unique Footage After Seagull Theft

Grand Theft GoPro. This seagull looks around to see if no-one's watching and snatches the expensive little camera. The beginning


The Best Of GoPro

We're all familiar with the handy small camera that is the GoPro, right? This compilation shows there is very little


The Vlogging Cat

As entertaining as human vloggers are annoying. [embed][/embed]


Eagle Is A Tech Addict

That last look though, as if the eagle knows we're watching... Scary! [embed][/embed]


This Swimming Pool Works Like A Fata Morgana

You set up your freshly bought swimming pool, and next thing you know your in the middle of some ocean


Strapping A GoPro On A Sword

I am waiting for the first camera strapped onto a bullet, but for now Sam and Niko take the "GoPro


Beautiful Frozen Lake Free Dive

This spectacular video from the GoPro Awards shows some beautiful underwater images, near the frozen surface of a giant lake.


Look At This Most Beautiful GoPro Shots Of 2016

Nearly four minutes of eye candy for you. These best shots of 2016 by GoPro got almost 800,000 views on


Will A Recording GoPro Survive Liquid Nitrogen?

A few weeks ago Grant Thompson has made this crazy experiment. Over 4 million people have seen this frozen GoPro


Sand Skiing On Dunes In Peru Looks Amazing

I haven't been skiing my entire life, not even on snow. But this ride by Jesper Tjäder and Emma Dahlström


GoPro Camera On An Arrow!

This is crazy and cool. YouTubers Sam and Niko mounted a little GoPro cam on the tip of an arrow


Dental Surgerys With Lions, Leopards And Hyenas

Most of the time you get to see cool lifestyle sport video when the label "GoPro" appears in front of