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Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc. (Memes Cover)

Chris Kogos must gotten crazy editing this video. Lots of sounds and bits from internet memes build the Gorillaz cassic

Feel Bork Inc.

As the title gives it away - a barking cover of Gorillaz' hit single "Feel Good Inc". Just a lot


Feel Good By Gorillaz In 20 Different Music Styles

Anthony Vincent of Ten Second Songs is back again with another pop music song covered in unexpected music styles. This time, he


Gorillaz Andre 3000 James Murphy – DoYaThing

The Gorillaz, along with Andre 3000 and James Murphy, have instantly gone viral with their latest music video for DoYaThing.  The song


One Girl Covers Gorillaz’s Feel Good By Looping Herself

This video was posted on August 3rd, but only went extremely viral after being posted on Reddit, and subsequently being passed on


Guy Sings Feel Good Inc With Bird

Chilling outside, flynndustries heard a bird singing the exact two background notes to the Gorillaz's Feel Good Inc. Even though he's