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Cindy Chang Sings Opera O Mio Babbino Caro – America’s Got Talent

Cindy Chang is 42 and has a great bubbly personality. She's always wanted to be a singer, but her family


Sam B Dances To LMFAO Lil Jon Shots – America’s Got Talent

It's Sam B's dream to become a real super star and his only chance to stardom is through America's Got


Landau Eugene Murphy Sings Frank Sinatra Under My Skin – America’s Got Talent

Landau Eugene Murphy has been washing cars for ten years. But that isn't where he belongs. After seeming not serious


Anna Graceman Performs Alicia Keys If I Ain’t Got You – America’s Got Talent 2011

Anna Graceman is only eleven years old, but she has the musical talent of one much older. She performs Alicia


Art Of Teknique Young Boy Dance Group – America’s Got Talent 2011

The Art of Teknique is made up of three hip hop dancers who are 8, 9, and 10 years old. The three


Men Play Piano With Pants Down, No Hands On Got Talent Show

Today, almost every country in the world has their own blank Got Talent show. I'm not sure which one this


Grandma Dances To Michael Jackson On China’s Got Talent

Michael Jackson has truly left his impression on the world. It' a difficult task to find a country where Michael's


Michael Collings – Britain’s Got Talent 2011

Michael Collings is just a 19 year old IT engineer. He doesn't look like a star, but he sure sounds like


Little Kid Pop N Lock Robot Dance On Norway’s Got Talent

This ten year old only just started to dance, but you wouldn't know that from his performance. He pops and


Transgender Girl On Thailand’s Got Talent

Thailand is famous for their culture accepting the LGBT community. One transgender girl performs on Thailand's Got Talent and at


Boy Sings High Pitch Opera Romania’s Got Talent

I can't understand anything they are saying, but I can see that this guy has got some serious talent. He