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Grandfather Practices Wingmanning With Grandson

YouTube channel Young Old features a young dude and his grandfather who discuss modern relationship slang and issues.  In this entertaining


Touching Google India Commercial ‘Reunion’ Will Have You Tearing Up

Google truly knows how to market.  This brand new Google India commercial masked as a touching short story has gone viral with


Take A Ride Through Grandpa’s Vast Miniature Train Town

The sights and attractions in this train ride video are so realistic, viewers often forget they are exploring a miniature


Super Strong 64 Year Old Says It’s Never Too Late To Get Fit

Great-grandfather Robert is 64 years old, but he admits that he feels better now than he did as an 18


Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa Trailer

Are movie goers still buying into the 'real people' reacting to pre-planned pranks in movies such as Borat and Jackass?


Elders React To Epic Meal Time

It's nearly impossible to find someone online who isn't familiar with the extreme food antics of YouTube's ultra popular Epic


The Pixel Painter

Ninety-seven year old Grandpa Hal Lasko has been working in graphic design ever since it was entirely done by hand. Long after


Mother-In-Law Freaks Out When Told The News That Her Daughter Is Pregnant

This emotional video was first published by Michael Krauter almost a month ago, but it has only gone viral over the weekend,


Elders React To Challenges

For a long time now, 'challenge videos' have been an on going trend online. From cinnamon challenges, to chugging milk, viewers just


Overly Honest Grandfather Oscar Meyer Commercial

Oscar Mayer teamed up with ad agency McGarrybowen to create a hilarious ad that would go viral without a huge infusion of cash.


Bride Dances To Butterfly Kisses With Brothers During Father-Daughter-Dance After Father Passed Away To Cancer

Last summer, photographer Michael LaFrance captured a terribly emotional family moment. He's used to working at weddings, but this scene that has


Grandpa Plays Videogames

One grandson invited his 84 year old grandpa over for some XBox gaming, playing Black Ops 2 and Halo 4. He had