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Grandpa Goes Wild Driving Electric Scooter Taco Bell Super Bowl Commercial Teaser

One of America's biggest holidays is just around the corner. The Super Bowl. It's the one holiday based completely on


Granpa Reacts To Sour Candy

make other sour candies look like baby food. Just how sour are the green apple candies? Sandozai gave their grandpa just one piece, and


Grandparents Awesome Wedding Toast For Happy Marriage

Kenny and Selma couldn't make it to the wedding, so they left a special video to be played later. They


Grandparents Using Photo Booth Compilation

Grandparents attempting to use technology has always been an Internet favorite, especially when they use Photo Booth. Here's a thirteen


Grandpa Shoots The Pool

When you get to a certain age you start just going with your gut. Whatever feels right probably is right.


Grandpa Plays Harmonica

This video from January went viral after Collaterlie_Sisters posted the video of his 93 year old grandpa on Reddit. The old man


Grandma And Grandpa Perform Blues Song For Grandson’s Birthday

What does every 18 year old kid want for their birthday? Many mature things may come to mind, but the last would


Great Uncle Plays Guitar For New Baby Quadruplets

Tio Ner was blessed with not one grandnephew or niece, but four. He entertains his new cuties with a special


Grandpas Dancing To LMFAO Party Rock Anthem

What's better than a good old fashion pop music dub over seniors dancing? The LMFAO Party Rock Anthem Shuffle is


Grandparents React To Dubstep

Old people are always viral gold. They just seem so lost in this new hi-tech interconnected world we live in called


Uncle Freaks Out At Thanksgiving Dinner

NSFW - Language What's a holiday dinner without one of your uncles going ballistic at the table? Even though Thanksgiving


Grandpa Leaves Strange Video Will

This video from July just went viral now, but is most likely fake. Grandpa decided to leave a couple last