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OK Go Flies In Zero Gravity Plane For New Upside Down & Inside Out Music Video

It can be argued that OK Go helped invent the concept of an independent viral video. They went viral way back when


Neil DeGrasse Tyson Explains Everything Wrong With Gravity

Science fiction movies based in reality are always confusing. If the story is taking place in real life then the


Alternate ‘Gravity’ Scene Featuring Superman Is Awesome

Krishna Shenoi reports the shocking news that Oscar-winning director Alfonso Cuaron originally shot this much different opening scene for the famous film Gravity.


Jean Claude Van Damme Performs Splits In Zero Gravity Space

Remember the hyper viral video by Volvo featuring action actor Jean Claude Van Damme performing the splits on the mirrors of


Gravity In 60 Seconds

Pop culture nerd Only Leigh loved the award winning film Gravity.  She loved it so much, she decided to recreate the sci-fi


Teacher Visualizes Gravity With Giant Spandex Sheet Demonstration

AP Bio Los Gatos High School posted this video almost two years ago, but it has only gone viral now after


Alfonso Cuarón’s IKEA Trailer Spoofs Gravity

Getting lost in IKEA is like getting lost out in space. To make matters worse, cell coverage is really bad


Carlos Guevara Who Suffers From Tourettes Sings ‘Gravity’ By John Mayer On X Factor

Carlos Guevara seemed to have it all as a kid. He was popular, was on the football team, and was


How To Get Up After Falling On The Moon

As everyone knows, the magic of walking on the moon is it's much lighter gravitational pull than what we're used


Cats In Weightless Environment

It's no secret the Internet is obsessed with cats, but here's a video that is going viral that you probably