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Body Builder With No Heart Pulse

The heart is obviously considered the most important organ. So when someone has a heart condition, the situation couldn't be…

Here’s The Only Guy To Ever ‘Beat’ Pac-Man

When you bring up classic video games, a few big hits come to mind. In almost everyone's top three is Pac-Man.…

Sandwich Nearly Destroyed A Space Capsule

Today, astronauts get to enjoy a pretty decent menu. But back when the space race was just heating up, astronauts were…

Man With No Arms And Blind Man Plant Forest In China

Here's a great story about two men with disabilities that didn't let their shortcomings stop them from achieving their dreams.…

The ‘Time Lord’ Literally Controls The Time

Nowadays, we take it for granted that all of our computers, smartphones, TV's, and mobile devices have exactly the right time.…

City In Australia Is Entirely Underground

The Australian town of Coober Pedy takes the concept of 'down under' very seriously and is actually fit for a sci-fi…



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