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Great Dane Is Much Too Big For Tiny Doggy Bed

Just like people, dogs will grow attached to certain objects from their childhood. The only problem for this dog is that


Spoiled Great Dane Adorably Argues With Owner

Ron Cameron has two extremely large Great Danes. But their size doesn't make them any less child like. In this cute


Britain’s Biggest Dog Is Huge

Freddie the Great Dane sure is great alright. Danes are naturally large dogs, but Freddie dwarfs even his brothers and


Jaz The Sleepy Great Dane Can’t Get Out Of Bed

It may feel like the dog is always the first one in the house awake, running up and down the


Great Dane Meets Baby Goose

Kerry Pitter's great dane Hugo is definitely great in size, but don't let that fool you. The fourteen month old


Great Dane Cuddles With Baby

This adorable video was posted online by  in October, but it has only started to trend now after being shared on


World’s Tallest Dog

Guinness World Records is constantly published videos of new broken world records from all genres. So what's so special about this


Sleepy Great Dane Wakes Up From Nap

This video from 2009 just went viral after being featured on CollegeHumor. Fern, jla1085's then six month old Great Dane, woke up


Great Dane Runs 30 MPH

This video from 2010 has steadily been growing in popularity, but has really started to surge since last October. Skimoriver01 recorded as


Scared Great Danes Compilation

People really get a kick out of their dogs getting scared over nothing like a baby duckling or Julia Roberts. It's


Huge Dog Welcomes Home Soldier

There are countless cute, sweet, emotional, and funny videos of soldiers being welcomed home by their beloved dogs and pets.