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Green Day Fan Gets Invited On Stage And Does An Epic Job Playing Guitar

This has to be a crazy evening for this "biggest" Green Day fan. He got invited on stage to rock


The Movies ‘Sing’ Green Day’s Basket Case

Basket Case by Green Day is one of the band's most famous and classic songs, and truly exemplifies 90's punk-rock. The


Crowd Sings Bohemian Rhapsody At Green Day Concert

There are few songs in the world that can bring together tens of thousands of people. One of those rare


Awesome Asian Guy Gets On Stage At Green Day Concert And Stage Dives

NSFW Warning- One F Bomb is dropped.  Let's go into the new year with a bang, like this awesome Asian


Green Day’s Billie Joe Freaks Out After I Heart Radio Show Is Cut Short For Usher

NSFW Warning - language Though they may not be so 'hip' today, most people online grew up with the 90's


Green Day One Minute Mash Up

Remember Chadneidt, the one minute mash up master who went viral with his Blink-182 tribute? Well, the punk rocker is back,


One Man Plays All Instruments – Time Of Your Life Green Day Cover

Now this is a true one man band. He sings, plays guitar, cello, piano, and violin. The cameraman put it