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Futuristic Highways In The Netherlands Glow In Dark

While America is still stuck in the 20th century with crumbling roads and weakened bridges, Europe seems to be moving…

Collapsing Cooling Towers British PSA

British renewable energy group EcoTricity created this PSA to encourage Brits to 'Dump The Big Six,' refering to the big…

Pedal Powered Washing Machine

This video from 2009 only now went viral-especially in Brazil and Portugal-and is featured on DailyPicksAndFlicks. Let's face it, in America, when…

Captain Planet Is Not So Nice In Real Life

Captain Planet is the early 90's hippie cartoon that may have been the birth of the 'going green' movement. With…

Kenyan Teens Bicycle Rap

Kids from Nairobi make a rap song about how biking is green and doesn't use gas. The rap sounds good…

Green Pizza Box Tears Into Four Plates And Mini Storage Box

I'm sure all pizza boxes will follow suit. The top of the classic pizza box tears into four serving plates,…



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