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Seth Rogen Pranks Grocery Shoppers With Talking Food

Comedian Seth Rogen has literally made history with his new animated film Sausage Party. It is the first CGI cartoon


Meme Cats Go Grocery Shopping In German Commercial

Who said Germans don't have a sense of humor? German supermarket chain Netto Marken Discount brings several Internet cat memes to life


Toddler’s Mind Is Adorably Blown Away By Automatic Sliding Doors At Grocery

We take a lot of things for granted in life. But for a baby, everything is fresh and new. The


Grocery Store Turns Into Trippy Dog Dream Using Google’s Deep Dream

It seems the world's most popular search engine is always cooking up something strange and weird these days. Their latest outrageous


Cow Mascot Dances Like Crazy At Mexican Supermarket

Mexican dairy company Alpura has an awesome cow mascot named La Vaca Manchas that is made even better by the motivated


The 20,000 Calorie Strongman Diet

When you're a world record holding professional strongman, everything you do it big. Your workouts are big, your clothes are


Supermarket Sells Ugly, Disfigured Fruit For Less, And Sells Out

Countless fruits and vegetables are thrown away everyday by mass producers, yet the only thing wrong with them is that


Three Random Guys Who Jammed At The Grocery Perform On Jimmy Kimmel

Last week, Jaime Tatos Maldonado stumbled upon a man playing guitar and singing outside of a Kroger grocery store in Texas. He


Three Random Guys Jam At The Grocery

Jaime Tatos Maldonado was walking by a Kroger grocery store when he stumbled upon a dude playing guitar. It sounded nice,


Pulling Things From People’s Hair Prank

JStuStudios teamed up with DJ from Public Prank to pull off this hilarious prank at the grocery store. One of the pranksters would


If The Grocery Store Worked Like Cable Companies

As South Park has demonstrated, the cable companies have a completely monopoly and can do whatever they want. That includes


German Grocery Store Music Video Supergeil Will Have You Asking WTF?

German musician and entertainer Friedrich Liechtenstein stars in this hilariously weird commercial-music video for Germany's largest grocery store chain EDEKA. The catchy