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False Advertising Industry Reveals The Truth Behind ‘Natural’ Labels At The Grocery

Have you noticed that more and more foods and products at the grocery now have 'Natural' stamped all over them?


Gospel Choir Performs Mandela Tribute Flash Mob At Grocery Store

South African chain WOOLWORTHS wanted to honor Nelson Mandela after his recent passing. They teamed up with the Soweto Gospel Choir, and planned


International Relations Comedy Sketch

This comedy sketch by the Brigham Young Univesity Television has gone viral with over 100,000 hits. In International Relations, America chats with Canada while


Alcohol Shelf Collapses In Front Of Two Shoppers

This security camera video has just exploded online after being featured on the front page of Reddit.  In the suspenseful


Middle Of The Night At 7-11 Circa 1987

Every now and then, a video from the past will appear online, giving viewers a glimpse into the past.  Back


Man Cuts Up Watermelon In 20 Seconds

Matt Jones and his buddy work at the supermarket in back. His friend is so skilled with a knife, he can


Wal-Mart Greeter Mr. Willie Greets Shoppers With A Fist Bump BAM

Cdedman90 published this video focused on Wal-Mart greeter Mr. Willie of Maumelle, Arkansas back in December, but it has only gone


Grocery Store Rap Music Video

Hollywood Ending Band is a quartet musical group that was formed in 2011. Now, the group has over 18,500 subscribers on


Random Girl Sings I Will Always Love You On Karaoke Machine In Grocery Store

Youngjay0918 found a karaoke machine in a grocery store and set up I Will Always Love You, the international hit single


Baby Goes Grocery Shopping

Little kids in the grocery are a common first world annoyance, but the younglings just might be antsy and jittery


Japanese Girls Dance At Grocery Store Music Video

Japan is always a great source for all things weird and WTF, and this latest viral music video by Warner Music


Ghost In Australian Supermarket

Australian morning show Sunrise on Channel 7 made fools of themselves 'covering' a ghost story at a local supermarket. The