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Cowboy Posse Riding Horses Go Grocery Shopping

Two cowgirls and a cowboy rode their horses to the local Safeway grocery store, but since there was no place


Bear Cub In Alaskan Grocery Store

An adorable, yet dangerous baby bear wandered away from its mama bear, and found itself in a local grocery store


Deer Loose In Georgia Grocery Store

Two baby deer somehow got into a Publix supermarket in Suwanee, Georgia. Ironically, the two ran to the meat department.


Flash Mob Band Plays Stars And Stripes In Grocery Store Before July 4th

After the Fourth of July, all the good viral holiday videos start rolling in. This one is of a patriotic


Grocery Shopping In Subways With Cellphones

A grocery chain in South Korea made a genius business step. They put gorgeous, realistic looking posters all over subway


Wine Shelf Falls Over

The wine aisles always make me nervous. I'm always afraid that bottles are going to fall off. They're all on


Guy Blows Bubbles At Shoppers

What's the last thing you expect when you're shopping at the grocery? Bubbles. Jack Vales goes around blowing bubbles at


Surprise Flash Parade In Grocery Store

To help spread awareness and celebrate,  Box Tops for Education had a parade surprise grocery shoppers. 'Spread the word! With your


Nonsense At Walmart

First, our master troll went to the parking lot to spew nonsense at innocent bystanders. Now he's in the Walmart.


Alec Baldwin Wegmans Commercials

Alec Baldwin stars in new Wegmans commercials for the holidays. If you don't have a Wegmans near you, you're missing