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21 August, 2019

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20 August, 2019



Professional Dancer Groom Puts On Epic Dance For His Bride At Their Wedding

It seems Kirk and Valerie were simply meant to be. They both are professional dancers and often perform together. So during their


Groom With Cancer Getting Married Will Make You Cry

It was only a few months ago when Rowden and Leizl seemd to have everything going for them. Rowden was


Groom Performs EPIC Surprise Dance For Bride At Wedding

Groom Sean Rajaee surprised his bride at their wedding with a truly epic dance performance. With his crew of groomsmen behind


Mother And Son Perform Epic Wedding Dance Mash Up

Unexpected mother and son wedding dance medleys have be done before, but that doesn't make this performance any less epic. ML


Bride And Groom Perform Their Wedding Vows As Song

Michael and Carissa are more than just a music duo. The two are the sole musicians of the band Us The Duo,


Bride Sings ‘Look At Me’ To Groom While Walking Down The Aisle

Ryan and Arianna posted this video last August, but it has only exploded online now with over 675,000 new views on


Groom Completes Slap Bet On Groomsman During Wedding

As all fans of How I Met Your Mother know, a slap bet is a bet where the winner gets


Groom Wears POV Hidden Camera During Wedding

Most people confess that their wedding day seems a blur in their memory. There's just so much happening at once,


Photophrapher’s Quadcopter Crashes Into Groom’s Head

WeddingMan123 is a wedding photographer of the 21 century. He doesn't just take a couple pictures with a digital camera. He


Friends Prank Groom To Think He Is Bungee Jumping At His Bachelor Party

What's a bachelor party without a brutal prank played on the groom? Rutlesjef and his Norwegian buddies did just that. They told


Groom Tom Fletcher Sings His Wedding Speech

Like most people, Tom Fletcher hates public speaking. But you only get married once. So he pushed himself to give the


Mother Lion Pushes Cub Into Water During Grooming

While visiting the National Zoo in Washington, DC, Bob Kovacs caught a precious scene that seems like it was taken right out



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