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101 Facts About Grand Theft Auto V

This time 101facts tell us all there is (and not is) to know about Rockstar's favorite game (at least, until

GTA VR (Epic Real Life Adaption ft. Steven Ogg)

"Trevor" himself is part of this epic new video by Corridor Digital. A "real life" version of Grand Theft Auto

GTA 5 MOD Adds Exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Bomb

You kind of have to respect the cultural impact the Galaxy Note 7 has. It even has modders replace the


GTA V Played On Motion Control Simulator Is Epic

For the past 30 years, video game graphics have improved dramatically. But today's newest games are still played the same way


Grand Theft Auto In Real Life

Grand Theft Auto is still considered one of the most popular video games out there. Countless people play together on


Movie And TV Show References In Grand Theft Auto V

Movie-obsessed Cinema Sins constantly has the silver screen on the mind, so it's no surprise they couldn't help but notice countless movie


Grand Theft Auto 5 Prank

Don't try this latest prank by Roman Atwood at home folks.  In honor of the newest Grand Theft Auto video game to


‘Dumb Ways To Die’ GTA V Parody

Back in 2012, the Australian Metro went viral with their cutesy music video, Dumb Ways To Die.  Naturally, countless spoofs and parodies emerged.  Now,


Grand Theft Auto V Mythbusters

Already, the web is peppered with myths and legends about the newest game to rock the world, Grand Theft Auto V. 


Girlfriend Ruins GTA V For Boyfriend

The popular pranking couple of Prank vs Prank naturally had to make a special video in honor of the new Grand


Grand Theft Auto V For Super Nintendo Trailer

The original Grand Theft Auto was a simple, overhead-view game, but the innovative game play and replay value quickly made


Conan O’Brien Reviews Grand Theft Auto V

The Internet has been buzzing ever since Grand Theft Auto V was finally released this week. Naturally, Conan O'Brien just