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Two Dogs Are Adorably Guilty For Stealing Dentastix

The Internet sure does love adorably guilty dogs. In this new viral video, a woman came into the kitchen to


Guilty Dog Adorably Tries To Scoot Away

Melissa Lee came home to find that someone had been messing around in the trash can in the kitchen. Her primary


Dog Really Doesn’t Want To Be Told On

C.J. Huffman came home to find that his roommate's dog chewed up her brand new doggy bed. He told her that he


Denver The Guilty Dog Is Guilty Again

It was only four years ago when Denver the dog was caught by his master eating the kitty treats he


Guilty Dog Apologizes To Baby For Taking Her Toys In The Cutest Way Possible

The Internet has seen plenty of adorable guilty dogs before, but never have we seen a dog apologize after doing


Ultimate Guilty Dogs Compilation

When the first few guilty dog videos were introduced online, the web went absolutely nuts over them. Now, they have become


Remorseful Pug Stands In The Corner For Timeout

It's reported by DailyPicksAndFlicks that this cute pug stole a sausage from the dinner table, so as punishment his master


Guilty Dog Still Has Trash Can Lid Around His Neck After Going Through Trash

Dog owners love to record their guilty dogs after they 'commit a crime,' like going through the trash. Puckeredpetebrewery came home from