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How to Fall Asleep Fast

23 September, 2022



Gym Fails: Best of 2018

Gym fails always make us laugh for some reason and here are the best from 2018, courtesy of The Nice


I’m At The Gym

Don't worry, I'm working hard at the gym!

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Me and my friends getting out of gym

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Gym in December – Gym in January


The Ultimate Workout Fails Compilation

With "Workout Fails: New Year, Same Me" Fail Army demonstrates us that "Sport ist Mord" ("sports kill you") as we


Funny Sketch About Flirting At The Gym

Studio C got nearly 500.000 views with their sketch about men hitting on women in the gym. It may got


Cyanide & Happiness Short: Gym Class

I actually think that "Cyanide & Happiness" did have a lot better shorts in the past, but this one got

Conan Hits The Gym With Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart again?! Okay, he is very tiny, so he fits in a day more times than tall people do...


Power Lifting At The Gym In Old Man Costume

Power lifter Kenneth Leverich teamed up with Thrillist to prank the people exercising at the gym. The former Junior Olympic weightlifter went undercover wearing


‘How To Lose Weight In 4 Easy Steps’ Is Really A Story About Long Lost Love

One of the most common issues people in America deal with is losing weight. Nearly everyone is trying to shed

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The Gym


If Gyms Ads Were Honest

The hottest time for gyms isn't in the summer, but rather right now. They make their most money of gym memberships