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How College is Funded?

23 November, 2021



Man Competes In Women’s Gymnastics Floor Competition

For reasons unknown, Danikka entered a women's gymnastics floor competition. But that wasn't the shocking part. What shocked everyone was…

Japanese Synchronized Gymnastics Is Perfect

Here are gymnasts from Aomori University in Japan performing a perfect show. Not only do they perform their jumps, flips,…

Amazing Gymnastics Multi Jump Flip

At most gymnastic events, a gymnast jumps up and twirls a few times. That's all fine and dandy, until you see this.…

Japanese Synchronized Gymnastics

This older video has just now gained viewership. Six Japanese gymnastics artist perform beautifully all synchronized. They are like one.  

Amazing Parkour PK Gymnastics Damien Walters 2010

Damien is a gymnastics god, bouncing off of walls and flipping around in this new Parkour gymnastics installment.  


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