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Freelancing Hacks of The Year

[embed][/embed] How to Earn Money with Fewer Efforts: Freelance Is Coming What does it mean to be employed? Waking up

Secret Hack To Get Headphone Jack on the iPhone 7

Apple did remove the headphone jack on their new iPhone 7 so everyone has to buy expensive bluetooth headphones. TechRax


Simple Life Hacks Using An Iron

Fewer and fewer people use irons as today's culture becomes more and more laid back. Even business attire has gone


How To Make Fire With A Lemon

Even if you're most likely never going to need a survivor lifehack like this, it's still extremely cool. As fire


Removing Popcorn Ceiling With Shop Vac Is Oddly Satisfying

You know those ceilings with the weird textured paint? It's known as a popcorn ceiling, and can quite a pain to


How To Remove Your Kid’s Boots With No Hands

When it snows grownups and kids usually go through opposite emotions. Children are super excited to play in the snow and for


Life Hack To Defog Car Windows In The Winter

Old man winter can make traveling impossible at worst, and annoying at best. One common issue is the windshield and windows


Japanese Gift Wrapping Hack Explained

The truly prepared already have their Christmas presents wrapped and hidden away. But the rest of us have real life to


How To Learn Calculus In 20 Seconds

If you ask a group of teenagers what subject is the most difficult, odds are most will say math. Sure arithmetic


Kitchen Drawer Blocked By Oven Door Is Fixed In Unexpected Way

After searching and shopping for seemingly forever you finally find a brand new oven for the kitchen. It's a great


Thanksgiving Food Life Hacks

It's that time of year again. That time when it gets colder outside and every store and commercial seems to


Tape Measure Tricks That Might Surprise You

Nearly everyone has used a tape measure before to measure something. But most don't realize that the little measure has