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100 Years Of Beauty: Sweden (Caroline)

In episode 28 of the series "100 Years of Beauty" by Cut we get to see beautiful Caroline dressed up


Girl Gets Literally The Worst Haircut Ever

You know those cheesy science fiction movies that take place countless years in the future? For some reason nearly everything is


Girl Explains The Struggle Of Losing Her Hair

BuzzFeed's Becky looks like any other girl at first glance. But she actually has been struggling with auto-immune disorders her


Spanish Hair Stylist Cuts Hair With Swords And Fire

These days, hair stylists have access to many new products and tools to cut and style hair like never before. But


On Man, Twelve Hairstyles

Most guys have very basic haircuts these days. But who said that girls get to have all the fun at


Ballpoint Barber Stop Motion Haircut

Stop motion haircuts have been done before, but artist Peter Simon took the concept to the next level. Using over 300 pieces


Magic Beard Stop Motion Short Film

This new video, titled Magic Beard, by Ben Garvin is trending, already appearing on Neatorama, BoingBoing, and SportsIllustrated. After growing out a


Stop Motion Haircut

This video from January has recently gone viral again. Through the magic of stop motion, mainefish shows us some cool barber cuts


Stop Motion Haircut In Reverse

Petey Boy had one seriously epic beard going on. When his friends finally convinced him it was time to get a