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Cat hair on everything – My job here is finished


100 Years of Beauty – 1980s Around the World

We probably all don't miss the hair style of the 80s. But they are very entertaining to look at, so


Boy Grows Hair For 2 Years To Donate To Friend

Humanity ain't lost! Poor Gabby suffers from hair loss from Alopecia disorder but she might have the best friend in


Balding Guys Go Completely Bald

Maybe this video by BuzzFeed shows some balder getting guys, that you look way better with the whole head shaved


Leg Waxing at 28,000fps

No pain, no gain. At least for The Slow Mo Guys this classic formular went pretty well, having lost lots


Girl Gets Literally The Worst Haircut Ever

You know those cheesy science fiction movies that take place countless years in the future? For some reason nearly everything is


Minnesota State High School Hockey Team Has Awesome Hair Again

Last year, the the Minnesota State High School hockey team went viral with their hilarious sports review video that covered the players' hair


Spanish Hair Stylist Cuts Hair With Swords And Fire

These days, hair stylists have access to many new products and tools to cut and style hair like never before. But


On Man, Twelve Hairstyles

Most guys have very basic haircuts these days. But who said that girls get to have all the fun at


American Facial Hair Throughout History

America may be one of the youngest nations in the world, but it has a vast history. Popular culture in


Minnesota State High School Hockey Team Players Have Epic Hair

In this video, Pull Tab Productions 2015 reviews the Minnesota State High School hockey team. But his review isn't what you'd expect


Guy Makes Wig From His Own Hair To Prank Family And Friends

Jozaeh had a beautiful lion's mane that he had been growing for three years. After all that time, he decided to