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Oh, Your Halloween Candy? I Ate It.

Jimmy Kimmel probably isn't dad of the year. [embed][/embed]

How Commercial Is Halloween?

The days of innocent, cosy holidays are long gone, they're all commercial vehicles now--or aren't they? [embed][/embed]

Feel My Leg, I Just Shaved

How To Ruin A Horror Film

Feel My Leg, I Just Shaved

I Love Halloween

Guy Dresses Up As Cat’s Favorite Toy

A few days before Halloween Ben Mesches conquered not only the heart of his beloved dog Jolene, but also the…

Crushing Halloween With Hydraulic Press

So yeah, Halloween is over-over. Maybe this video by the Hydraulic Press Channel does set the final nail in this…

I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy 2016 PART 2

What? I thought this year's edition already happened? Yeah, but a lot of families didn't hold the deadline on sending…

CVS Receipt Costume goes to CVS

Jeremy Schneider went to CVS and got a really long receipt. At home he scanned it, scaled it and printed…

Mustafi Pranks His Teammates From Arsenal London

A neat little prank for Halloween that Arsenal London football player Shkodran Mustafi did perform on his team mates. Will…

Trick-Or-Treating With A Fake Kid

A smart move by comedian Tom Mabe who did prank some people on Halloween with a Spider-Man puppet. Cute little…


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