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Throwing A Hammer Through A Mirror In Slow Motion

Smashing a glass is a classic move in the movies to create drama. The Slow Mo Guys take the simple act of…

Construction Worker’s Hammer Tricks

As a construction worker, a hammer is your best friend. Woshidapeng's friend is a true veteran of construction work. He's at the…

Locksmith Easily Breaks Open Masterlock Padlock With Tiny Hammer

Bosnian Bill is the locksmith host of 'Lock Tube' where he covers all there is to know and love about keys,…

Genius Nerd Builds Replica Of Thor’s Hammer That Only He Can Lift

Some superheroes are famous for their special powers, others for their special tools. Superhero Thor is well known for his…

Workers Hammering In Perfect Harmony Is Mesmerizing

Work is always easier when you have good coworkers. If everyone is a team player then the work is lighter for…



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