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Ozzy Man Reviews: Trump’s Handshake Wars

Ozzy Man Reviews some of the most awkward handshakes of modern history. "Me commentary on Trumpster's handshake domination." As a…

Teacher Greets Each Student With A Personalized Handshake

He. Is. So. Cool. And so are these kids! "Fifth-grade teacher Barry White Jr. of Ashley Park Elementary School in…

Jimmy Fallon Performs Secret Handshake With Justin Bieber

Having the chance to shake hands with The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon or pop star Justin Bieber is a privilege many…

WNG News Anchors Perform Epic Handshake During Commercial Break

Back in 2009, WGN News went viral with their unique video showing WGN News anchors Robert Jordan and Jackie Bange performing their epic commercial…

How A Cold Spreads At ESPN

Office colds are the worst. First one person catches the sniffles, and before you know it, half the office is…


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