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Eating Weird Dishes From The 1950’s

It's easy to assume that Americans have been eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and Sloppy Joe's for years now.


How Can I Get Rid of the Hiccups

Is there anything more annoying than being stuck with the hiccups? It doesn't matter who you are or where you


What Causes Brain Freeze

The face is an extremely sensitive part of your body. For good reason, with so many sensory organs all mashed


Why Is My Poop Green

With the help of Google, people have the world at their finger tips. You can find the answer to almost anything


What Happens After You Flush

Most people reading this website are lucky enough to live in a place that has running water and a sewage system. When


How Do Animals Re-Grow Limbs And Why Can’t We

One of the strangest natural phenomena in the Animal Kingdom is that some animals can regrow lost limbs. Starfish can


I Love Science Music Video

When you think of rock music, nerds and science geeks rarely come to mind. But Hank Green of education channel The


Animation On Mass Incarceration In The US Will Depress You

America has a serious problem. Even though America has only 4% of the world's population, we hold 25% of the


The Science Of Real Hoverboards

Two weeks ago, Tony Hawk and a slew of other famous celebrities collaborated to prank the Web with a video


The Teenage Brain Explained

For most people, the teenage years of life are a time of anxiety and pimples. It's not that much fun. 


Why Do Bug Bites Itch

It may seem far away, but soon all this snow will melt and the cold will move on. Before you


Why Did People Love Flappy Bird

It seems that the buzz surrounding the simple smartphone game Flappy Bird exploded out of nowhere, and then just as