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Shut Up And Dance Hanuka Parody Music Video

In case you weren't sure, Hanuka starts in just one week. In honor of the Festival of Lights, the Internet's


Adam Sandler Performs Chanuka Song Part 4 At Concert

Since the 90's, Adam Sandler has helped put Chanuka on the map with the now classic holiday song, The Chanuka Song. Years


Jimmy Fallon, Rashida Jones, Carrie Underwood Parody Pop Music With Holidays Twist

In honor of Thanksgiving, Jimmy Fallon and his guests Rashida Jones and Carrie Underwood parodied pop music with a holidays twist.  They sang a


Christmas VS Hanukkah Fighting Video Game Parody

Hanuka is no doubt the most famous Jewish holiday as it often coincides with Christmas. But that brings a question


Jewish A Cappella Group The Maccabeats Perform Hanuka Themed Cover Of Matisyahu

Last year, Yeshiva University's a cappella group, The Maccabeats, went viral with their fabulously Hanuka themed cover of Taio Cruz's hit


Hanuka Rock Of The Ages Parody Music Video

Christmas is on every lad and lady's mind now, but what about our Jewish friends? Don't worry, Hanuka is coming!


Rabbi’s Son Makes Faces During Hanuka Themed Interview

Kids love to make faces at video cameras. It doesn't matter what religion they are or even what year it


Hanuka Snuggie Commercial

They couldn't make a cheesier commercial if they tried. jesus.