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Boy’s Emotional Reunion With His Lost Cat

There are countless online videos of dog owners reuniting with their canines, and it's always an emotional scene. The people cry,…

US Airman Surprises Son By Hiding In Huge Birthday Present

As a child, there is nothing more exciting than an enormous birthday present. What could be inside this huge  box…

Cindy Chang Sings Opera O Mio Babbino Caro – America’s Got Talent

Cindy Chang is 42 and has a great bubbly personality. She's always wanted to be a singer, but her family…

Returning Army Dad Surprises His Kid By Hiding In A Huge Present

Nothing is more exciting for a child than a gigantic present. What could be in there? A pony? A new…

Little Girl Says You Can Do Whatever You Want

She believes you can do whatever you want, whenever you want, and all the time, so do it. Wise words…

Internet Makes Birthday Party For Old Man William J Lashua That He Will Never Forget

Who said the Internet is just full of trolls? People online heard about an old man,William J Lashua, having a birthday…


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