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Backstreet Boys Do The Harlem Shake

Remember the Backstreet Boys? Remember the Harlem Shake? Well, the princes of the 90's decided they should probably jump on the


Kids React To Harlem Shake

The Harlem Shake. Finally it's over. Or is it? Popular YouTubers The Fine Bros wanted to close the now dead meme with


Minnesota Timber Wolves Respond To Miami Heat’s Harlem Shake

The Miami Heat went viral last week with their own professional athlete packed Harlem Shake video. Incredibly, that video stands with


Harlem Shake Parkinson’s Disease PSA

With the magic of YouTube, fads like the now dreaded Harlem Shake can spread across the world with swift ease.


Simpsons Spoof Harlem Shake In ‘Homer Shake’

Man. There used to be a time when The Simpsons were on the cutting edge. They made the trends. They didn't sadly


The Miami Heat Does The Harlem Shake

The meme is dead, but when you're LeBron James with the rest of the Miami Heat, you can do nearly


The Original Harlem Shake Dance Is Actually Hard To Perform

Every online knows what the Harlem Shake is, of course. It's the (now dead) video meme where you dance like


Lego Harlem Shake In 2015 Ends With A Twist

Oh man, not another Harlem... Wait! This one's different! Besides for being one of the best Lego-themed version of the


Harlem Shake Wayne Brady Edition

Yes, yes, the entire web is sick of it. But now is the time in the life of a dying


Harlem Reacts to ‘Harlem Shake’ Videos

By now, most of the Internet is already sick of the Harlem Shake dance craze meme. But shockingly, there are people


SeaWorld Harlem Shake

By now, most online viewers are sick of the Harlem Shake. The meme seems to have died just as fast as


Harlem Shake Live Concert Edition

As with all fun Internet memes, the shock and novelty of the Harlem Shake craze has already waned. But still,