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Harlem Shake Barack Obama Edition

Even though it is now far from original, Barack Obama impersonator Alphacat felt he owed his fans, and the American people,


Mass Harlem Shake At Times Square

By now, you, your cat, and your grandma have seen more than a life time supply of Harlem Shake dance


The Last And Final Harlem Shake

In just two weeks, the Harlem Shake has literally taken YouTube by storm. By like all memes, the moment it


Swim Team Performs Underwater Harlem Shake Dance

When a meme like the Harlem Shake really takes off, you have to truly stick out from the rest of


Best Harlem Shake Dance Videos Compilation

The Harlem Shake meme has fully taken over YouTube. There are now countless different parodies, themed-spoofs, and covers of the


Harlem Shake Charlie Brown Peanuts Edition

Already, YouTube is covered with parodies and covers of the now meme-famous Harlem Shake dance. So what makes this spoof


The Original Harlem Shake Dance Video

The new outrageous Harlem Shake meme has exploded online. But where did it all begin? Like most trends online, it's


Norwegian Army Soldiers Do The Harlem Shake

The Harlem Shake meme has officially taken the Internet by storm. The fun dance trend has even made its way


KSLA News Performs Harlem Shake Dance

It's already happened. Just as Gangnam Style is being put to sleep, another Internet meme craze has begun to sweep


Father And Son Dance Harlem Shake

Matt McClard was home alone with his son. And just like they say, when the mom is away, the boys shall


Harlem Shake Firefighter Edition

It seems the web may have found their newest fun meme. The Harlem Shake.  The concept is simple. One dancer