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The 8-Bit Harmonica Will Take You Back To The 80’s

Japanese inventor Basami Sentaku has viewers swimming in nostalgia after debuting his new invention: the 8-bit harmonica.  Similar to a traditional harmonica,


Ultimate Harmonica Jam

This music video by Noam Cohen was originally published in 2009, but the clip has recently resurfaced on the viral video scene. 


I’m Glad I Live In Canada Music Video

This upbeat music video by Canadian musicians Bowser and Blue was published over five years ago, but is trending again now over


Elephant Plays The Harmonica

The Smithsonian's National Zoological Parks brings us this video that has over 145,000 views, and is featured on , CBSNews, and MarySue. 


Buddy Greene Plays Harmonica In Carnegie Hall

This classic viral video from the early days of YouTube has started to trend again this weekend after being featured


Toddler And Hound Dog Play The Blues

The life of a dog and baby are tough. Sometimes you just gotta sing the blues. This video published by Jess


Grandpa Plays Harmonica

This video from January went viral after Collaterlie_Sisters posted the video of his 93 year old grandpa on Reddit. The old man


Baby Tries To Play Harmonica

Dad tried to show his baby boy, Max, how to play the Harmonica. Instead of playing the actual harmonica, Max