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Twins Perform Star Wars Harp Medley

The Internet is home to countless copycats feeding off of each other's ideas. But there is only one set of harp…

Harp Twins Cover Harry Potter Theme Music Perfectly

Of all the songs to cover of the harp, the Harry Potter theme song, also known as Hedwig's Theme, is just…

Ultimate Harmonica Jam

This music video by Noam Cohen was originally published in 2009, but the clip has recently resurfaced on the viral video scene. …

Harp Twins Cover Iron Maiden

The web's one and only harp playing twins Camille and Kennerly continue to trend online.   In their newest piece, they cover Iron…

Blonde Harp Twins Cover Nothing Else Matters

Identical twins Camille and Kennerly Kitt are professional duet harpists and actresses, and go by their show name, The Harp…



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