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Harvard Students Invent Microwavable Spray Cake Batter

Have you ever wanted a bite of cake, but weren't interested in measuring, mixing, and baking an entire cake? Well,…

Do Harvard Students Know The Capital Of Canada?

Harvard is America's most famous ivy league school, so even if most Americans don't know the capital of Canada, they…

Andy Samberg Class Day Harvard Speech

Ending the school year with a fun celebrity speech is always welcomed by students, and even top notch schools like…

Harvard Baseball Call Me Maybe Cover

Driving between games can be a long bore, so the Harvard baseball team passes the time by dancing in the…

Obama Protest Speech At Harvard Circa 1991

Both sides of the political spectrum are trumpeting this vintage video from 1991 that just recently surfaced of a much…

Amy Poehler Speaks At Harvard Graduation

Actress and comedian Amy Poehler was given the honor of speaking at this year's Harvard graduation. She drops her familiar…


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