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Queen’s Bath, aka Hawaii’s Pool of Death

Queen's Bath in Kauai, Hawaii is known as the pool of death, for reasons that are obvious after watching this


Humpback Whales In Hawaii

The humpback whale is one of the largest and most magnificent animals in the animal kingdom. Artists Uheheu was lucky enough to


Dolphin Performs Triple Barrel Rolls To Entertain Human Swimmers

If there was any question that dolphins are intelligent, cognizant being, than this video is further proof that these incredible


Kama The Surfing Pig

The Internet has seen surfing dogs and cats. But what about a surfing pig?? Kama the pig lives on the Hawaii


First Person Footage Of Hawaii Plane Crash

ABC News has the exclusive video of a dramatic and terrifying plane crash in the ocean off the coast of Hawaii last week. 


Hawaiian Woman’s Long Last Name Doesn’t Fit On License

This news report by KHON2 News has gone viral over the weekend for the odd nature of its content. The report covers


Hawaiian Monk Seal Spinning In Place

This adorably short video was posted five months ago, but has only started to truly trend now, appearing on DailyOfTheDay,


‘Chompy The Shark’ Tries To Steal Kayak Fisher’s Catch

NSFW Warning - Language Surprises while fishing are almost guaranteed to go viral if caught on camera. Last summer, Sarah


Cliff Jumping In Hawaii

It's finally Spring! Though it may not feel like Spring across most of America, popular online videographer Devin Supertramp is getting


Athletes Swim Like Dolphins With Jet Pack Water Boots

Popular videographer Devin Supertramp traveled to the island of Oahu in Hawaii for his latest project. He teamed up with athletes from Aquatic Aviation to show


Divers Help Remove Fishing Wire From Dolphin

While deep sea diving off the coast of Hawaii, divers of Manta Rays Hawaii encountered a dolphin entangled with fishing hook and


F***ing Cruise Ship

Greg Benson of Mediocre Films2 is lucky enough to be on a cruise to Hawaii with his girlfriend Kim. He is vlogging