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Hawk Cam Captures Stunning Footage Of The Hunt

The hawk is one of the most feared birds of prey in the wild. Other smaller birds can easily become…

Hawk Attacks Quadcopter

Now, that quadrotors and personal drones are becoming more common, we must learn to share the skies with the bird.…

Rufus The Hawk Guards Wimbledon From Pigeons

Wimbledon is considered the world's oldest tennis tournament in the world. So allowing simple pigeons to interrupt the game is…

Hawk Immediately Swoops In And Grabs Girl’s Freed Rehabilitated Bunny

Joey Gore's little girl found a baby bunny in the garage and nursed it back to health. Finally, they decided it…

Bird Snatches Mouse After Released By Cadet

Before the weekend, Marcel Tasch published this unreal nature video and already it has garnered over 1.1 million views. A cadet at…

Paraglider Goes Flying With His Hawk

What's cooler than owning a hawk? How about going paragliding with your beast of a bird. This dude goes flying…



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