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Daredevils Walks Over Extended Cranes From One Building To Another

Another extreme video by James Kingston who takes us up in the air onto some extended cranes - and a


Don’t Watch This If You Are Afraid Of Heights!

YouTuber olegcricket vistet "the TOP of Toronto" and made some crazy moves up there. I can't even watch it... And


Fabio Wibmer Is Bike Balancing At 200m Height

Pro bike trickster Fabio Wibmer has been to the Koelnbreinsperre in Austria. With about 200 meters it is one of


World Record Basketball Shot 180m (593 Feet)

Even though these types of world records assume to me like the sum of luck and endurance, this is rather


Crazy Jump From 129 ft High Roof Into Harbour Water

I not only recommend you not to do something like that yourselves, even watching this crazy stunt performed by "ig:

Slackline at Moai Tower

105 feet above air, slackliner Ryan Paul Robinson balances between the rocks at the formation called "Moai Tower" in the