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Helicopter Pilot Asks Trucker For Directions

So this happened. Zello Kaz got over 1.4 million views for this crazy traffic intervention. via: blameitonthevoices


Christmas Tree Hauling With A Helicopter

This looks like fun! Or an action movie on tv. Shawn Adams uploaded this clip of getting together trees by


Bulldog Is The Best Co-Pilot Ever

Mister Bentley the Dog may only be a dog, but he's the best co-pilot a captain could ask for. Sure, the only


Helicopter Crashes Near Pearl Harbor

Mr Motofy was visiting Pearl Harbor in Hawaii when disaster struck. A helicopter flying near by lost control and crashed into


Man Builds His Own Flying Helicopter With Matrix Of Drone

Now that flying quadrotors, often referred to as drones, have dropped so significantly in price, nerds and inventors are able


Military Helicopter Flying Close To Highway Is Pure Russia

The Internet knows that things are little bit different in Russia. Could you imagine driving down the highway to see,


Nerd Rescues His Lost Drone With Another Drone

It was only a few years ago when quadrocopters, or drones as people like to call them now, were very


Homeowner Shoots Drone Spying On His Property

Larry Breaux is trying to make an organic lemon business and put a sign on his property to spread the


Guys Attach Fireworks To Quadrocopter To Make It An Attack Drone

Attack drones bombing terrorists in the Middle East have been the in the news recently. That got Andy Stewart and his buddies


Camera Equipped Quadrocopter Follows You Around

Back in the day, only big studios could record glorious video from the air using expensive camera equipment. But today,


Lightening Fast Mini Quadcopter Drone Zips Around The Sky

Just a few years ago, they were called quadcopters or quadrotors. Today, they are better known as drone. Whatever you


Guy Catches His Dying Drone Just Before It Falls Into Water

Ryan Chatfield Images just got a brand new quadrotor drone equipped with a camera, and wanted to test it out at