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Singing Opera With Helium

Everything sounds funnier with helium. After a great performance, opera singer Christina Elizabeth decided to take advantage of all extra the…

Alan Rickman And Jimmy Fallon Chat While Breathing In Helium

Helium makes everyone sound funnier. But it has an even greater effect when the person breathing in the light gas is…

Helen Mirren Inhales Helium With Jimmy Fallon

Everyone sounds funnier when they inhale helium and go all high pitched. But when a proper, sophisticated celebrity sucks up…

Morgan Freeman Chats with Jimmy Fallon While Breathing Helium

Everyone loves to breathe in Helium and enjoy the giggly, altered voice it causes for a few brief moments. But…

Morgan Freeman On Helium

This clip from the educational science TV show Through The Wormhole has instantly gone viral as the Memorial Day weekend begins.…

Girl Sucks In To much Helium, Falls Over

This older video just surfaced as viral. Kids, if you're going to play with helium, just inhale a little and…



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