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26 November, 2020



Motorcyclist Saves Cup Left On Back Bumper Of Passing SUV

While motorbiking through the Rocky Mountains of Orem, Utah, avid motorcyclist Bossaucey stumbled upon a serendipitous moment. As he passed a Ford Explorer, he…

Cab Taking Illegal U-Turn Almost Hits Biker, Cop Immediately Pulls Cab Over

Does Karma really exist? If you ask Bill Walsh, he'd probably say so. While biking down Pennsylvania Ave a Prius…

Biker Rides ‘Stoopidtall Bike’ At Over 14 Feet Tall

The LA Bike Cult has gone viral with this biker point-of-view video from CicLAvia 2013. What's so special about the helmet cam…

Biker Helps Old Man Who Trips Crossing The Street

Bikers don't really have the best reputation. But Royal Jordanian is on a mission to change all that. He happened to…

Detroit Firefighter Helmet Cam 2012 Compilation

Highland Park, Michigan firefighter HPZ1442 has an especially tough job. Not only is Detroit is a state of emergency politically and financially,…

Deer Runs Into Skateboarder

During this year's Buffalo Bill Downhill on Lookout Mountain in Colorado, one skateboarder was the victim of a deer on human collision.…

Biking On Mountain Top

Most mountain bikers bike around the mountain, and not directly on the tip-top of it. But that's for wimps. 87mcmahan87 shows how real…

Biker Rear Ended Lands On His Feet

Bikers with helmet cameras are becoming more common, and good for them. Everyone is of course blaming the old lady.…



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